Student From Ohio University

Another student sent this into WMA! “My name is Chris and I have recently taken the WFR class at Ohio University Dec. 13-21. I just wanted to let you know how amazing my experience was. It all started with my absolutely outstanding instructors Darren “Daz” and Gary. My attention never strayed the entire week as… Read more »

We are Wilderness Medicine!

A student recently sent this into WMA! Great picture! New t-shirts coming soon. Look out for them at our online gear store! I recently went on a retreat with some friends. We went to red river gorge in KY. My friend has his Wildmed shirt on and we took a pic we thought you would… Read more »

Woman in Minn. Survives Four Hours in Ice!

Click here for to read about a woman from Minnesota that survived four hours in ice! It took an hour of chest compression to get her chest restarted.

WMA Course in La Crosse Tribune

La Crosse Tribute just posted this great article about a recent Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course offered by the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse!. Click here to read the full article and watch a video from one of the simulations! “If you want to be an outdoor professional, this is the certification you need in your back… Read more »

Cool Ways to Warm Up in Winter

Click here for some great tips on keeping warm this winter! Greg Friese, a Wilderness First Responder and WMA Lead Instructor wrote this article, which you may find very useful as winter has arrived.

When Would a Loss of Consciousness be a Survival Mechanism?

One of our WAFAs was in a first year lecture to 150 students at med school. The professor asked, “When would a loss of consciousness be a survival mechanism?” The students were silent for a minute, then the WAFA raised his hand. When the professor called on him, he explained the preservation of the basic… Read more »

How to Prepare for the Outdoors in the Bitter Cold

Bitter cold is descending across the northern tier of the continental United States. Forecasted highs are for single digits above 0 Fahrenheit. As a wilderness medicine provider you know that heat is lost by several mechanisms. Convection heat loss increases as wind speed increases. Wind chill is a function of air temperature and wind speed… Read more »

Congratulations Ben

I know I should wait until we can do an official WMA news release but I could not restrain myself. This week, Ben Woodard has been named Chief Ranger for Maine’s Baxter State Park. This is especially wonderful because the park is one of the jewels of the State and, in my humble opinion, the… Read more »