Open Airways Stories from the Back of the Ambulance

Open Airways Stories from the Back of the Ambulance is a collection of first hand accounts by EMTs, paramedics, and EMS instructors. Two Wildmed instructors “ Tim Sheehan and Greg Friese “ each share a memorable case and the lessons they learned. Visit to listen to Greg and Tims stories as well as the… Read more »

WFR Judi Goes to Camp

WFR Day One: It was a chilly May morning. As I arrived at Chewonki I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty I would surround myself with for 8 days. Our instructors introduced themselves and gave us an overview of how the day would proceed.By 4 pm I had assessed a victim from a fall off… Read more »

National Estimates of Outdoor Recreational Injuries Treated in Emergency Departments

An Injury Center study published in the most recent issue of Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, found that nearly 213,000 people were treated each year in 2004 and 2005 for outdoor recreational injuries. More than half of these injuries were among young people between the ages of ten and 24. The article, “National estimates of outdoor… Read more »

Myth: Urticara (aka hives) only occur as a result of an allergic reaction.

Urticaria are those itchy, pink to red, raised skin lesions that are surrounded by a red halo. Although somewhere in the range of 90% of anaphylactic reactions are accompanied by urticaria or some sort of skin reaction, there are many other non-allergic causes. Some of these include physical factors (e.g., pressure, cold), infections (viral, bacterial… Read more »

Myth: Once a person has had an anaphylactic reaction to a substance, all subsequent exposures will invariable lead to similar or worse reactions.

There is no question that recurrent reactions can follow re-exposure. As it turns out, however, the probability as reported in the medical literature is considerably less, about 50% for bee stings, for example. These re-exposure reactions can be less severe than the prior reaction. Taking reasonable steps to avoid re-exposure is as important as being… Read more »