Applying the SOAP NOTE format to Avalanche Safety

Applying the SOAP NOTE format to Avalanche Safety: by Fay Johnson   S: (Subjective Information) When choosing to venture into avalanche prone areas, first do some homework. Go online to to access Avalanche Forecast Centers that provide critical information regarding past and present snowpack and weather information. If you plan to travel to mountainous… Read more »

World Class rafting & wilderness training in Costa Rica

Coming up: 5-day WFR Course in Costa Rica Join Boreal River for a week long Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course  and experience the Costa Rican rainforest. Starting on February 24th, 2019. Combine training with travel in the tropics Attain international certification, but more importantly, gain the skills and confidence to handle medical situations in the… Read more »

Development in China

David Johnson (WMA International President and Medical Director) and Mike Webster (WMA International Executive Director) meet with executive members of both the Chinese Mountaineering Association and Chinese Olympic Committee in May 2012 in Toronto, Canada.

Course Subscriber: Receive notifications when courses are added

Want to be Notified of New Courses? Course Subscriber is a service dedicated to notifying students when courses are added to You choose the criteria: Type of course, the distance you are willing to travel, and dates that work with your schedule. This is a useful tool if you want to know when viable… Read more »

Where’s the Man?: Pacific Crest Trail, WA

Where’s the Man?: Pacific Crest Trail, WA WMA-certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR),  LT, sent us this photo of him cruising along with the man alongside the caption below. Thank you for making the trails a better place! “The man soaring over White Pass, Washington.  He joined my crew and I as we performed 6 months… Read more »

Wilderness First Responder – Scope of Practice (Draft)

In order to establish guidelines for comprehensive, thorough, and more consistent wilderness medical training, AORE and other organizations that hold a respectively large place in the field of wilderness medicine have signed off on the Wilderness First Responder SOP (Draft), a document that complements the Wilderness First Aid Scope of Practice.

Please consider helping AORE make a difference by reviewing this document if you have ever sponsored a WFR course, attended at WFR course, or instructed a WFR course. Does this document include the topics that you want your staff to know? As a participants of a Wilderness First Responder course, is this training enough to prepare you for backcountry medical emergencies? Are the elective topics sufficient? Please be clear, professional, and thorough.

Where’s the Man?: Iquitos, Peru

Submitted by Dr. David Johnson, WMA President & Medical Director. DJ in the Belen market of Iquitos, Peru. This venue winds forever along the river’s edge.  It serves the population 7 days a week, offering all manner of food, herbs, spices, wood products, alcohol and jungle remedies produced or grown in the many distant jungle communities up and down river.  Iquitos,… Read more »