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Below is an CNBC news blog link to an article on the increase in epi pen demand and use, given the proliferation of peanut and other allergen based responses. DJ and Dr. Peter et.al. were saying this year’s back, confirming they were forward leaning ‘ahead of their time’, despite being viewed as heretics when they proposed that doing things like reducing dislocations, discontinuing CPR, and treating severe allergic reactions were reasonable and prudent things to be doing.

My rhetorical question would be, with this increase in
prescriptions being written for epi pens (thus profits), why hasn’t some other medical company resurrected the patent on the old user – friendly, cost – efficient “Anaguard” syringe system?
Pharmaceutical collusion, perhaps?


–Dennis Kerrigan, WMA Lead Instructor


I know it was rhetorical but…….


–Cabot Stone, WMA Lead Instructor


“Hollister-stier drug company, the original developer of the Anakit and Anaguard injectable 1:1000 epinephrine solution has recieved FDA approval for a replacement epinephrine product to be called Twinject (for the two doses in the syringe). Many outdoor programs used the Anakit or Anaguard product for treating anaphyllaxis or severe asthma. The company discontinued the product in 2001 after their supplier of epinephrine (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals) ran into financial problems and stopped producing the epinephrine solution. Since Hollister-stier did not make the drug (only packaged it in the Anaguard syringe) they did not have FDA approval to produce the actual drug, only to produce the syringe.

The company submitted an application for their own production version of the epinephrine solution. FDA approval was granted in July and the company plans to begin production of the Twinject unit in the spring of 2004.”

The Twinject and Anakit rights were bought and obtained by Versus Pharmaceuticals in 2006 in the US and produced in Canada by Paladin Labs. Since they own both patents, it may be hard to get them to produce Anakits again.

–Mike Webster, Executive Director of WMA Canada Ltd.


…at Verus sold Twinject earleier this year.


–Dr. David Johnson, President & Medical Director of WMA and WMA Canada Ltd.

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  1. Glenn Knotts Glenn Knotts

    Years ago you could purchase the “ana-kit” it contained an epipen that you self administered; 1-2 shots. It was a little larger than “shapie” marker;easy to carry in a shirt pocket.

    Now days the epipen auto injector is to cumbersome to carry thereby making it almost useless for a male to carry it with them. Why the size change?

    I see they have small insulin pens, why not have the those needle assemblies filled with epinephrine for shirt pocket carry?

    Thank you,


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