Epi Pens in High Demand

Below is an CNBC news blog link to an article on the increase in epi pen demand and use, given the proliferation of peanut and other allergen based responses. DJ and Dr. Peter et.al. were saying this years back, confirming they were forward leaning ‘ahead of their time’, despite being viewed as heretics when they proposed that doing things like reducing dislocations, discontinuing CPR, and treating severe allergic reactions were reasonable and prudent things to be doing.

My rhetorical question would be, with this increase in prescriptions being written for epi pens (thus profits), why hasn’t some other medical company resurrected the patent on the old user – friendly, cost – efficient “Anaguard” syringe system? Pharmaceutical collusion, perhaps?


Submitted by:
Dennis Kerrigan, NREMT-P, WEMT
WMA Lead Instructor

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