Lyme Disease Prevalence in the United States

Lyme Disease Prevalence in the United States

According to the CDC Lyme Disease is the “most commonly reported vector borne disease in the United States.” This map shows the prevalence of Lyme Disease cases in the United Sates. As you can see cases are concentrated in the upper Midwest and Northeast. Incidence of Lyme disease is highest among children, ages 5-14.

Prevention and early intervention efforts are especially important. When traveling in woods and grassy areas in the spring, summer, and fall frequently check clothing and skin for ticks. Remove ticks promptly. Use repellants on skin and clothing that are 20-30% DEET. If you are responsible for children help them check their skin and prevent tick attachment.

Read more in this CDC MMWR Report Surveillance for Lyme Disease — United States, 1992–2006

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