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Scheduler here again-
International courses are great and exciting, but for those of us “grounded” by rising airfare costs and things like jobs and school, here are two new domestic sponsors to shift the focus to WMA courses in the grand ol’ U.S. of A.

The first of those sponsors is Yellow Breeches Educational Center in Carlisle, PA. Yellow Breeches is a private school for grades 6-12, and they are known for their excellent 5:1 student to teacher ratio and the variety of activities they make available to their students. Heidi Whitmer, a school employee with a Wilderness First Responder certification from WMA, contacted me in late June to explore options for putting on a Wilderness First Aid class at the school. This is an excellent example of WMA course graduates recognizing that the training provided in our courses is valuable to many different people and in a variety of situations. They often approach the organizations, companies, schools, and camps with which they are connected and bring WMA there to teach a class to their students and/or coworkers! Their class in August is closed to the public, but we are happy to teach Wilderness First Aid to their 27+ students!

Geyser Whitewater, in Big Sky, MT, is another new sponsor deserving of the spotlight. Building on the success of the Wilderness First Aid class they put on in May, they are offering a Wilderness First Responder in October. Situated in an area that is as ripe with outdoor adventurers as it is remote, this part of Montana will be an idyllic spot for students to spend 8 days learning about wilderness and rescue medicine, and the same number of nights sleeping under the stars. Wow- quite a salesman I am… The WFR course at Geyser Whitewater is October 19 – 26, and there are plenty of other lodging options available. Visit our online schedule or for more information.

We are happy to offer courses in new locations and for different pockets of people, and we certainly appreciate these two, and all other new sponsors for this reason! If you’d like information on sponsoring a course, please contact me at 207-797-6005 or send an email to .

Sean Hoskins
Scheduling Coordinator
Wilderness Medical Associates

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