New Hampshire: Search and Rescue Services to Recoup Costs

Last month New Hampshire passed a new state law that will allow the State to collect search and rescue costs from lost groups or individuals.

Read an article about the law at by clicking here.

According to the article the costs for search and rescue services could go as high as $10,000 and even include driver’s license revocation.

In every Wilderness Medical Associates course students learn the importance of prevention and early intervention. Always make sure you are adequately prepared with pre-trip planning, skills appropriate to the activity, and equipment suited to the destination, season, and activity.

During any outing, from an hour long hike to a multiple week expedition, continue to prevent injury and illness. If someone does become injured and/or ill, attempt to intervene early. For example, treating a cold challenge is much easier than treating severe hypothermia. Stop to rest and rehydrate in the shade during the high heat and sun of midday.

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Greg Friese
Emergency Preparedness Systems, LLC

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