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It seems as though there has been an increased “international flair” on the scheduling side of things recently. I guess this makes sense, with the world becoming more globalized- internet, etc.- though you should still buy your produce locally… Seriously, it is exciting to be able to go home at the end of the day and say, “Yeah- I set up courses in Belgium, Japan, and Taiwan today.” One of the most interesting things to know about Wilderness Medical Associates is that all of our courses, WFR’s, WEMT’s, WALS’s etc. held around the country and around the world, are supported by one compact, yet very efficient office in Maine!

Two new international sponsors with whom I’ve worked to set up courses in the past month are The Outsider Club VZW in Belgium, and Crux Professional Limited in Hong Kong. Both new sponsors found WMA through word-of-mouth recommendations from other groups who sponsor our courses.

The Outsider Club is an organization centered around making outdoor experiences and training available to people 6-30 years old. They provide leadership camps, natural, volunteer and group teambuilding opportunities, and emergency training in several locations around Belgium. I was happy when they contacted me to set up a WFA class in December, at the tail end of the WMA courses (open recert and WAFA) already set up by Outward Bound Belgium. It made it an even more enticing “package” to offer the instructors: to be able to teach 3 courses for 2 sponsors in Europe! The WFA course they scheduled is in Oudenaarde December 16-17. Visit for more information on this interesting international organization with which we’re now proud to be connected.

Crux is a similar organization. They provide expeditions around the world, and their program offerings center around corporate and personal adventure-based training, professional wilderness education, and “leave no trace” programming. More information on this dynamic company can be found at , and their WFR is scheduled for September 14 – 21.

That’s a good place to end my update from the Scheduling Desk. As always, the online schedule is an up-to-date list of the courses we’re consistently adding, but I’ll write again soon for more highlights.

Sean Hoskins
Scheduling Coordinator
Wilderness Medical Associates

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