Q: Do you have suggestions on using case studies to continually refresh our Wilderness First Responder skills?

Q: I am one of four educators within my company and I am looking for suggestions regarding a Wilderness First Responder refresher we are trying to have at our office. We are all certified WFRs and are attempting to create monthly scenarios for our own practice. Do you have suggestions for a good starting point to help keep our knowledge fresh?

You can’t get enough practice.

A good starting point would be to use one of the case studies in the Wilderness and Rescue Medicine Workbook.  Have one person act as the moderator who presents the case and asks questions of the others that leads to the SOAP.  This could also be a homework assignment.  After you are done, you can add in a little critical thinking by changing one or 2 parameters (e.g., location, weather, time of day) to see how that might change the problem and/or plan.

You could also use one of these as the basis for a small simulation or drill

Sometimes we like to do drills using several faces of one problem.  Depending on the group size, make half the group patients and the other half resucuers (or 1/3, 2/3).  Give the patients profiles with varying presentations of a problem.  For example, 1/3 of the patient who are cold, 1/3 with mild hypothermia and 1/3 with severe.  Bring everyone back together and discuss the diagnosis and how each differ.

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