Newly Revised: Wilderness Medicine Field Guides

We are pleased to announce the publication of the newly revised, spiral-bound Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine and the fold-out Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Guide. Each reflects our understanding of current advances in the medicine utilized in wilderness and low-resource settings; while both retain their simplicity and practical utility.

We use the orange version for all our courses except the WFA.  This comprehensive yet concise guide covers a wide array of topics. They include: basic first aid, as well as spine and musculoskeletal management; environmental medical topics; selected prescription medications; helicopter safety; and mass casualty incidents. The WFA Guide is intended for our WFA students and for those looking for a brief, light summary that will apply almost anywhere. Additional topics such as dislocations, spine evaluation, patient packaging, and medications are not included.

For these current versions, we have made minor adjustments to the layout, font size, and colors for consistency and to ease readability.  Wherever possible, we have edited the texts so that the wording in both is either identical or close to one another.  The index of each guide has been expanded and reorganized for accuracy and ease of navigation.

Listed below are some of the notable changes.

Wilderness First Aid Fold-Out Guide First Aid Guide

  • For the first time, it will include text and charts briefly summarizing spine injuries, volume shock, traumatic brain injury, and acute stress reaction.
  • The text for topics like thermoregulation, submersion, lightning, and musculoskeletal has been condensed from the Orange Field Guide.


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The Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine

  • WMA Field GuideRick Lipke has provided us with several new color graphics that illustrate pelvic binding, femur stabilization without a traction splint, and side stabilization on a litter and vacuum mattress. Each is accompanied by new summarizing text.
  • The Primary Assessment triangles of the PAS have been updated to spell out the details of each step.
  • Newly revised SOAP Note.
  • Musculoskeletal tables have been simplified and consolidated.
  • The acronym STOPEATS has been spelled out in multiple locations including the pages on PAS, Respiratory, Neuro, and the Glossary.
  • All of the topics have been updated or modified to reflect current thinking.
  • And in spite of all these additions and updates, it remains 102 only pages.


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These guides continue to be produced in-house to allow for annual revisions. Some of our best feedback and critique has come from our students and purchasers of these guides. We encourage you to contact us if you have suggestions or criticisms about clarity or regarding new topics.

We are anticipating Japanese and updated Spanish versions sometime before the end of the year. We also have plans for Portuguese and Mandarin editions.

One comment on “Newly Revised: Wilderness Medicine Field Guides

  1. Shannon Lyon Shannon Lyon

    Hi! I just completed my WAFA and love the field guide with one exception that I REALLY hope has been corrected in the new edition. Page number references. They are not accurate. The index was wrong sometimes and within the topics it would sometimes mention to reference another page and then that page was completely unrelated. I wrote this on my feedback form, but this post made me think of it too. I hope somebody else found that before me!

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