Where’s the Man?: Carrefour, Haiti

Where’s the Man?: Carrefour, Haiti

“I just got back from  a medical relief trip to Carrefour Haiti (suburb of Port-Au-Prince). The shot is looking over the compound I was based at. There were approximately 1500 people living in very close proximity to each other under tarps and tents.  We also treated many patients in mountain clinics cut off from aid.

Surely, my WALS (Wilderness Advanced Life Support) training benefited me and other team members immensely. For instance, I had a female patient that had severe abdominal distension that I needed to relieve. Unfortunately, I had no catheter. However, what I did have was IV tubing. I cut off an appropriate length, rounded off one end with a match, and sterilized it the best I could with alcohol and betadine. I was able to drain over 900 mL of urine. The procedure was a success.”

-Brian W., RN, WALS

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