Where’s the Man?: The Appalachian Trail

Submitted by WMA instructor, Alice Henshaw:

wherestheman - alices dogThis is “Buddy” enjoying the view from one of the overlooks along the AT as it wends its way between NY and NJ….  Buddy was found by a colleague of mine abandoned and tied to a post near one of our worksites in the Bronx at the end of July. I ended up with him–all 45 ringworm infested pounds of him… Since then, he’s (obviously) much healthier, and is so much fun to have around that I couldn’t send him away.

When he is a year old (in Feb.) he will be testing for Canine good Citizen and Therapy dog certifications. From there, he’ll try his paw at some SAR and/or agility work. In the meantime, he’s doing a bit of advertising for WMA!

Don’t forget! At the end of the year, we will select the 3 best submissions. The winners will receive $100 cash prize.  Send in a picture of yourself wearing your WMA course t-shirt to in order to be eligible for the prizes.

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