Where’s the Man: Winners Announced!

As you may have seen, ‘The Man’ has been traveling around the globe- climbing trees, swimming rivers, hiking trails, helping those medically needy, and even spreading some holiday cheer!

It took us, in the WMA office, a long time of pawing through these amazing photographs to finally decide one which ones to select for the three $100 cash prizes, but we have come to our decision. Thank you to the many contestants who submitted photos and shared your stories!

Winners of the $100 Cash Prizes

Click on the photos above to see their full entry.

Honorable Mention

Thank you to Josh Martin and Paul Cunningham at Northern Cairn who submitted the very first entry and came with the idea of holding this great contest. What a wonderful way for instructors, students, and others to interact and compete for some cash!

Stay tuned to see what contest we will be holding this year!

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