Wilderness First Responder Training Prepares for the Real Thing

Stock 2007Scott, who attended a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course submitted this experience with us. Thanks for the great story!

Shortly after my WFR course with Wilderness Medical Associates, I got a call on my radio at our summer camp that a golf cart had just flipped going backwards down a hill.  The scene was exactly like the ones we covered in our course.  There were people running around with ASR, two people lying on the ground with (minor) head injuries (they were both fine, stitches but nothing else).

The scenarios in the course were amazingly accurate, and very helpful.  It took a second to realize who needed the most help, but once all of the knowledge kicked in I handled the situation as well as I could have. Although we are just on the edge of wilderness (a summer camp 15 miles from a hospital, but rather remote) the training was perfect.

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