Licensed Training Company: Crested Butte Outdoors

Location: Marion, MT 59925 - United States

Dates: 5/3/2024 - 5/5/2024

Course Description:

The WFR Recertification course is designed to recertify and refresh current Wilderness First Responders. WMA International invites eligible WFR graduates from other wilderness medical schools to recertify with us. Students will review essential skills and wilderness protocols and will discuss relevant updates in wilderness medicine. The course focuses heavily on hands-on learning through patient assessment drills and guided discussion. To earn certification, students must meet the criteria set forth in our Functional Position Description as well as the minimum performance and testing standards by the last day of course. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Wilderness First Responder certification as well as a CPR certification equivalent to the American Heart Association's BLS CPR standard. These certifications remain valid for three years. Note: WMA WEMS graduates with a current EMS license may also recertify the wilderness portion of their WEMS certification with this course. 

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Class will be held near Whitefish, MT in the heart of Glacier National Park country. Camping and lodging available on Little Bitterrroot Lake.

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For details regarding lodging contact Susan at 970-596-2999.

Course tuition includes text book, water-proof field guide, lecture notes and certification


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MT, United States WEMT, WFR