Wilderness Advanced Life Support™

Course Description

Wounded Bear Medicine is proud to partner with Wilderness & Emergency Medicine Consulting to offer you the pinnacle of education in wilderness medicine – the Wilderness Advanced Life Support course. The most advanced level course offered by Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA), WALS is designed to elevate your existing medical skills and knowledge to unparalleled levels. WALS has been tailor-made for certified and licensed advanced level medical practitioners like you who are driven by a passion for learning about and providing top-notch care in:

remote outdoor environments

crisis-stricken urban areas

rescue operations

mass casualty management

This course will equip you with the expertise to handle a spectrum of situations – from remote wilderness incidents to urban disaster environments. WALS empowers you to confidently manage medical emergencies in extreme contexts. Whether you’re currently involved, or aspire to be part of such critical situations, WALS is the course for you!

WEMC Owner and WMA Medical Director, Dr. Will Smith, will be the lead Instructors for these courses.

Full Course Description
Instructor: Will Smith
Licensed Training Company: Wounded Bear Medicine
4/22/24 - 4/26/24
Jackson, Wyoming 83001 - United States

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