C. Brian Gee

C. Brian Gee


MI, United States




Brian currently lives in Grand Rapids, MI where he works as a registered nurse. Previously, he spent 10 years in Crested Butte, CO working as a professional ski patroller and with the Crested Butte Fire Protection District's EMS system. Crested Butte's abundant extreme terrain provided an ideal and challenging environment in which to practice wilderness medicine. Brian's many experiences with patients in adverse conditions along with his love for the outdoors motivated him to pursue a career with WMA in 2006, he has been a lead instructor since 2008. Included in his repertoire of outdoor adventures, Brian spent a winter season patrolling in Courchevel, France and has worked as a climbing guide in Canada. When not working or teaching somewhere in the US, Brian loves to peruse his passion for the outdoors by skiing, biking, climbing, or camping—hopefully in the mountains.