Einar Örn Arnarsson

Einar Örn Arnarsson






Einar Örn is from West Man Islands, an archipelago south of Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Einar has been a member of ICE-SAR since 1994 and since 2005 he has been in charge of First Aid training within the ICE-SAR-Rescue School. In addition to his work as the Chief First Aid Instructor for ICE-SAR, he is a Captain in the Selfoss Emergency Medical Service based on the south coast of Iceland. Einar has been teaching as a lead instructor for WMA since 2007. He has a wide range of experiences in the outdoors, from mountaineering to scuba diving. Within ICE-SAR he has been a part of Public Safety Diving divisions of his rescue teams, High Angle rescue divisions, Mountain Truck divisions and, of course, First Aid.