Jess Banks

Jess Banks


PA, United States




Jess is a Registered Nurse, currently living in Pennsylvania; subject to change.  After about 8 years of working in a very urban/high volume Emergency Room, Jess decided to resign and explore other options. She's now a wilderness nurse and travels across the USA, living in her camper with her two dogs. She finds time to train for Search and Rescue with her 4 year old dog, Jannali, a wilderness Airscent SAR K9 and her 1 year old dog, Jirakee, for Human Remains Detection K9.  In the past she's been to Kenya, Africa for a medical mission. Living in a remote village, setting up a clinic, assessing patients, administering medications, educating how to live in wellness within their means. She lived in Africa for about one month. She's also been to Haiti for a community service mission. Jess has been trained as a Pre Hospital RN and also worked on the health team at a wilderness camp on Lake Michigan.  When not working, Jess enjoys spending time outdoors with her "girls" hiking, kayaking, bicycling, she also enjoys studying herbal medicine and holistic health.