Julie Marie Anderson

Julie Marie Anderson

DEI Certified


AK, United States


RN, CFRN, Paramedic


Julie Marie Anderson has been a Lead instructor for WMA International since 2002. She is a registered nurse and paramedic based in Haines, Alaska where she also serves as the EMS director for the Haines Volunteer Fire Department. Julie has over 25 years of experience in prehospital, flight, and rural/remote emergency medicine, ranging from the Carolinas to above the Arctic Circle. Currently, Julie is completing a Master of Health Professions Education program at the University of Illinois – Chicago. Her aim is to use the knowledge she gains to develop prehospital curricula that address gaps in EMS educator training and professional development. She is the current Curriculum Director for Wilderness Medical Associates International. When Julie is not working, she enjoys living close to the land and engaging in backcountry touring in a variety of forms including hiking, snow travel, kayaking, and sailing.