Neil McDonald

Neil McDonald


MB, Canada




Most comfortable in a canoe or on snowshoes, Neil first started guiding wilderness canoe trips in 1990. For ten years, he was an owner/director of a traditional canoe-tripping camp on Lake Temagami, where he worked with children, adults, and special-needs groups on trips throughout central Canada. He has also taken solo and multi-season personal expeditions that have researched traditional routes and travel techniques. In addition to his wilderness background, he previously served as a Medical Technician in the Canadian Forces, earned a Master’s degree in English Literature, built wood/canvas canoes, and researched point-of-use water-treatment devices common in the outdoor industry. He has a strong interest in risk theory and water-related incidents, and also teaches Wilderness Water Safety at summer camps in both Canada and the US. Neil is a now a full-time paramedic in Winnipeg, where he lives with his wife and two children.