Axel Ernir Vioarsson

I live in Akureyri in the north of Iceland as a full time firefighter/EMT. I have been a member of ICE-SAR since 2005 and I have been teaching for ICE-SAR since 2008. I teach first response, avalanche awareness/rescue and missing persons search techniques. My focus in search and rescue has been medical first response and technical rope rescue. I also teach first aid for the Icelandic Red Cross. I took my first WFR in 2009 and my EMT degree in 2015.

In my free time I like all kinds of mountaineering and outdoor activity, especially hiking, trail running and skiing.

Austin Baldwin

Austin is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for wilderness rescue and backcountry medicine. He is a WEMT and nationally registered paramedic practicing in rural East Texas and volunteering as a guide for youth groups in the backcountry. Austin is an accomplished musician whose hobbies also include fitness, hiking, backpacking, and similar awesomeness.

Atsuyo Yoshizawa

Atsuyo has been working with children to seniors as a professional experiential educator for over 3 decades. Through his class students learn how they can appreciate our mother nature and what they can learn from our outdoor experience. Along with his educational career and experience in the wilderness context he understands that the wilderness medicine is vital knowledge and skills to master for his students and himself. He also has an elementary school teacher background. It strives his instruction quality from educational perspective.

Ben Woodard

Ben is fortunate to have spent most of his life working in the outdoors. He has been a ranger, guide, ski patrol, carpenter and a dozen other jobs over the years. When he is not working as a ranger he spends most of his time playing with his sled dogs, paddling and skiing with his partner Betsy, or on a adventure with his grandson Joe.

Bernardo Vasconcelos

Bernardo has a background in humanities, having earned a degree in Philosophy at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. During his M.A. studies he decided to take a different path and started to spend more and more time outside exploring and traveling the world.

He is certified by the International Rope Access Trade Association for work in heights and also guides and teaches rock climbing. If you can't find him at the climbing crag, he will be either trekking, mountain biking or mountaineering elsewhere.

He hopes that teaching WMA's curriculum in Brazil will improve the safety standards for outdoor activities in a country that still has a lot of potential for development.

Bill Frederick

Bill Frederick is the founder and director of Lodestone Safety International, providing training and program development for educational and service organizations operating overseas. Prior to that, he was the Director of Safety and Risk Management Training at The School for Field Studies (SFS) for eight years. He has served as project leader for the Forum on Education Abroad’s pilot incident database and as co-chair for the inaugural Forum Standards Institute: Beyond the Basics of Health, Safety and Security. He has led numerous international safety reviews and served for 16 years with Outward Bound. He also has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado and an M.Ed from Harvard University. Bill has held a NREMT and WEMT for over 20 years and received a CTH® from the International Society of Travel Medicine in 2011.

Billie Jo Senecal

Billie Jo has lived in the western mountains of Maine her entire life. For the past 5 years she has worked as a ED Nurse in Charge at Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington Maine. She also worked as a critical care RN for Maine General for 16 years. She spends her free time camping, hiking and kayaking around the western mountains of Maine during her free time. She currently resides in New Portland, Maine.

Bob Olajos

Bob has guided wilderness trips throughout northern Ontario and further afield since the early 1990s. His passion is finding Temagami's lost canoe and snowshoe routes so that they can be spared the axe. To pay the bills, Bob is a firefighter in North Bay. When not running into burning buildings, he keeps himself busy with wild land firefighting, ambulance first response, haz mat incidents, auto extrication, and ice water rescue. He is also certified as a Primary Care Paramedic.

Bu He

As a Mongolian, BuHe was born in Mongolian Prairie. Now he is a teacher of Recreational Sports Department in Beijing Sport University. The courses he teaches are survival training, rock climbing, cross-country walking, and orienteering, and so on. And he is also engaged in the navigation and logistical support of crossing swimming and the competition management in large outdoor events. In 2006, he participated in the activity “My Long March” held by CCTV. He spent 250 days walking over 6100 kilometers and eventually finished the long march route of the Red Army.

Bruno Parente

Bruno is currently an E.R. physician and a Dive Medicine specialist from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. After Med school he spent a few years in the Brazilian navy as a Diving Medical Officer, when he experienced Wilderness Medicine. Later he worked around the South Atlantic, in offshore oil platforms as remote site physician.

He is engaged with the development of Dive and Hyperbaric Medicine locally as member of DAN Emergency Hot Line.

Whenever he can, he is the sea practicing free diving spearfishing. This passion already took him around, guiding spearfishing expeditions in remote areas such as Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean and also Sea of Cortez, even in sharky waters!