Caroline Dillon

Caroline is originally from Vermont and moved West at 18 to attend nursing school and pursue bigger mountains and vaster landscapes. She spends her winters in Alta, Utah working as a registered nurse and on ski patrol. The last few summers she worked as a nurse at a kids camp in the northern Sierra mountains… Read more »

John Jacobs

John Jacobs is a Senior Faculty Instructor with WMA, with over 1,000 instructional days and 250+ courses under his belt. John has an equally extensive history in the outdoor education industry, with 20+ years working as an Instructor and Program Director for Outward Bound, and currently operating Adventure Risk Management, which concentrates in outdoor risk management consultation and specialized training; and Wilderness Outings, providing outdoor skills courses throughout Southern California. John's outdoor experience ranges from long distance hiking of the Pacific Crest Trail to many disciplines of climbing, from big mountains in Alaska, to big walls in Yosemite.

Ben Dowdy

Born and bred in Kentucky, Ben became an EMT in 2003, a paramedic in 2007, and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2009 with a B.S. in Emergency Medical Care. He set to work as a paramedic in urban, suburban, and rural EMS systems while also volunteering as a SAR technician and team medic in… Read more »

Zach Vanderwall

Zach’s first Wilderness Medical Associates course was in Red Lodge, MT for a WEMT Upgrade in 2004. Those five days of training quickly put his previous three years of volunteer EMT work in perspective and prompted his decision to become a WMA instructor. He called Seattle home for 19 years, and the geography of the Pacific Northwest allowed him to hone his outdoor skills in the surrounding mountains, rock, and rivers. Zach’s pursuit of adventure has led him to various hot spots beyond the Northwest; including Cascade volcanoes, Bugaboo rock, and Mountains in Peru. He spent 10 years working at a camp and hosting college programs, which exposed him to guiding and instructing in an Experiential Education format. For 11 years, Zach has been an EMT utilizing his skills in rural settings, SWAT situations, movie sets, and even occasionally, as a father of thee boys! He enjoys living in western Montana with his wife and kids, where he divides his time between building houses and traveling to different venues as an instructor.

Zhu Hong

Zhu Hong graduated from Clinical Medicine Dept. of Capital Medical University in 1992. She started her medical career in Shenzhen Emergency Centre from 1994 and has experienced quite a lot soul-stirring disasters and emergency scenes, for instance, Shenzhen WUWANG club fire, OTC east Space Journey accident and 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake rescue etc. During the past 20 years, she has being an Emergency Physician, on spot Emergency Commander and principal of Emergency Training. Zhu Hong started to think how to take a prompt action, conduct accurate assessment and treatment due to experienced multiple times of collapses, fire and disaster relief. She likes some ordinary outdoor activities, such as camping, pedestrianism traversing, hiking, cycling etc. which become attached to WMAI.

Yunjy Chiang

Yunjy has a degree in Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology. She is an EMT-2 and a volunteer EMT in the Fire Department. She had worked for the department of Risk Management at Outward Bound Taiwan, and Emergency Medical Service at a hospital. Currently, she is a secretary at Chinese Taipei Alpine Association. Her passions include outdoor activities and EMS, therefore, she is doing her effort to promote Wilderness Medicine and Mountain Medicine as well as accumulating knowledge and sharing with people. 

Zhang Yanjie

Yanjie Zhang was an active outdoor educator, and with a passion for different kinds of outdoor activities, such as climbing, hiking, running, biking, paddling. Now was a Doctoral candidate in Beijing Sport University, from the graduate degree began to concentrate on Outdoor Education, Adventure Education, Teambuilding, Environment Education and outdoor risk management. As WMAI Assistant instructor, LNT Master, CMA Rock climbing instructor, Outdoor instructor accumulated a rich experience not only in theory, but also in practical.

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei was graduated from Department of Clinical Medicine of WUHAN Technology University, who is on-job postgraduate of Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University. He is the director of training department in Shenzhen Emergency Center, Emergency Medicine director, International directive instructor of AHA, ITLS instructor and WMAI Assistant Instructor.

Yi-Chung Hsu

Yi-Chung is an ER Nurse Practitioner, and a medical volunteer in marathons and related events. He discovered his love of nature when he hiked up to Mt. Hehuan. Since then, he started to combine his passion for the outdoor activities with his profession for Wilderness Medicine. He helps to promote Wilderness Medicine and Mountain Medicine in order to increase people’s sense of self-protection and safety. 

Yuka Hirose

Yuka is a registered nurse who has worked in respiratory medicine for several years. She also has experience working in a nursing home in the remote area of Japan. At the moment, when she is not teaching for WMA, she mostly works for a home visiting care program.

She enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, paragliding, kayaking, canoeing, bouldering, and off course, outdoor cooking. Beside those, she also likes traveling overseas to meet people and understand new cultures. Some of the countries she has traveled to are Taiwan, Guam, Fiji, Hawaii, Korea, Tuvalu, Australia, and Canada.