Trevor McGarry

Trevor fell into the outdoor world by starting as a teacher at The Boundless School more than a decade ago.  Mixing his passion for teaching and guiding Trevor has made the rivers of the Ottawa valley his home and office. Currently, the Operation’s Manager at Paddler Co-op, a not-for-profit whitewater paddling instructional organization, Trev loves engaging others in the outdoor classroom. As a certified school teacher, paddler and gardener Trev enjoys the simplicity of rural life in his cabin in the woods.

Tony Simpson

Tony is a physician's assistant and practices in western Maine. Tony has worked all over the world including a stint in Antarctica. He has led sea kayaking trips there as well as off the coast of Alaska. His penchant for northern zones carries over to the winter with mushing. He and his wife have nearly two dozen mushing dogs and are out running dog sleds much of the winter.

Will Smith

Will has settled in Jackson, Wyoming after a long road of training, first as a paramedic and then as an emergency medicine physician. He not only serves as the medical director for Teton County Search and Rescue, as well as Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, but you will find him in the back of the ambulance on calls as well as in the helicopter or cliff edges on many searches. Another role he fills is the Medical Advisor for Grand Teton National Park and is on the National Park Service EMS advisory council. Will does a considerable amount of teaching and traveling for EMS and Wilderness Medicine. See his website for further information:

Ville Melkko

Ville is a firefighter-paramedic from the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. Besides his job, he is finishing his nursing degree and works as a part time ski instructor as well. Ville does all kinds of sports including skiing in its various forms, mountain biking and trekking and likes to travel around the world from the tropics to the arctic and meeting new and interesting people.

Yi-Chung Hsu

Yi-Chung is an ER Nurse Practitioner, and a medical volunteer in marathons and related events. He discovered his love of nature when he hiked up to Mt. Hehuan. Since then, he started to combine his passion for the outdoor activities with his profession for Wilderness Medicine. He helps to promote Wilderness Medicine and Mountain Medicine in order to increase people’s sense of self-protection and safety. 

Vicki Wharton-Goodman

Vicki loves to ski; she has worked as a ski patroller in NH and ME since 1983. She currently works as a Pro-Patroller at Wildcat Mt. in NH, which is located across the road from the AMC Pinkham Notch base camp access to Mt. Washington. Vicki and her husband, Steve, and their friends enjoy back country skiing in this area.

Vicki also has a life- long love of the ocean and many lakes and ponds of New England. She grew up on Cape Cod and completed all Red Cross swimming programs through Junior Life Saving as a child. As an adult, she became a Life Guard and went on to teach Lifeguarding for many years through the YMCA. Recently, she and her husband are pursuing a new passion for surfing. They are learning to ride the waves of Southern Maine and the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Vicki has been with WMA since 1997. She and her husband live in the west-central foot hills of Maine where they enjoy a country life style which includes organic gardening, bike riding, paddleboarding, swimming, cross country skiing and hiking, all right from the house.

Tung Hsiu Hung

Tung Hsiu is a firefighter, an EMT-P and instructor. He has devoted himself to EMS for more than 10 years. Mountain Rescue is one of his duties as a firefighter. Also, he likes hiking. Therefore, he is eager to has further understanding of Wilderness Medicine. He is doing his best to strengthen his professionalism and helping more people to enjoy outdoor life. 

Tuo Dawei

Mr. Tuo started outdoor activities on 2000 and spent 5 years in the biggest outward development school of China as safety supervisor. He is skilled in hiking, backpack trekking, mountaineering, ice climbing, SCUBA diving and act as team leader for high altitude climbing more than 10 times.

He took part in outdoor first aid trainings, such as 120 first aid training, in dozen years, set up first aid courses in outdoor trainings, and conducted the courses as a trainer.

Working now at:

Top summit explore company – general manager

Summit outdoor school – vice-president

Top summit explore company is the first specialized corporation in China that focus on advanced travel and exploration all over the world and the main products are exploring at the peak of seven continent and south and north poles. We function to outdoor recreations for different requirements individually.

Summit outdoor school is specialized in public service. They help the participants to establish the proper ideas of outdoor recreations. They devote to be the greatest outdoor school in public training.

Tryggvi Hjörtur Oddsson

Tryggvi is from Selfoss, Iceland and has been a member of ICE-SAR since 2007 and is now team captain of Selfoss SAR team. He received his EMT-B certificate in 2010 and finished his W-EMT upgrade in 2011. Tryggvi has been teaching first aid to ICE-SAR members since 2012. 

He now works as a nurse in Reykjavík University Hospital emergency room where he has been working since he started nursing school in 2012. 

Tryggvi's main focus of search and rescue has been general SAR and first aid with a touch of rope and swift water rescue. He now mainly focuses on commanding search and rescue operations as a member of his counties area command unit. 

Yao Yu Cheng

Yao worked for Outward Bound Taiwan for over two years. Afterwards he trained and worked at a primitive skills and wilderness-survival education center in upstate New York. Most recently, he's worked as a camp counselor in Taiwan, and currently teaches middle school science at a public charter school in Minnesota.