Sarah Adelberg

Sarah Adelberg


ME, United States




Sarah has been involved in wilderness medicine and emergency medical services since 2014. At the time, it seemed like a u-turn from her previous trajectory of obtaining a Bachelor's in Music from University of Maine, and subsequent decade as a touring musician. Little did she know that she'd soon be running a busy infirmary at a wilderness tripping organization. This would be a challenge and delight that she'd pursue for the next seven years, and which would stoke her interest in inclusivity, pediatrics and in medical neuroscience.

She founded Wilderness Medicine Leadership LLC, a licensed training company of Wilderness Medical Associates. Running a business had never been in the blueprints, and nor was training as a firefighter. However, each of these opportunities has, like being a musician, being a botany enthusiast, and being an ultrarunner, contributed to her perspective that there is a constant stream of fascinating information out there just waiting for us to notice it, and that the more we know what to look for, the better it gets.