Takuya Ota

Takuya Ota


BC, Canada




Takuya has worked as a mountain guide in the European Alps, a ski patrol/EMT in Canada, an adventure tourism consultant in Chile, and rafting guide in Japan. He has also volunteered with the local BC search and rescue team for the last 5 years. He studied at the University of Nevada, Reno and Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, and successfully finished two degrees specializing in Sports Science and Adventure Tourism.

He has traveled around the world extensively and climbed many mountains in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North/South America. He's also enjoyed unique excursions such as a road bike trip from Canada to Colombia, hitch hiking from Vancouver to Halifax, and hiking/climbing from Switzerland to France done solely by foot. Now his passion is teaching wilderness medicine to people in Japan who need patient care skills for disaster situations in remote locations.