Tatsuya Terada

Tatsuya Terada






Tatsuya is a dedicated outdoor education professional. He has a Bachelor of Education Degree and is currently working for a nature school in Tokyo where he practices experiential learning. Tatsuya started his carrier in marketing and rafting/trekking guide working with Mont-Bell, the biggest outdoor gear company in Japan. During the winter season, he also works as a ski patrol at -----(Ski Resort Name). In the same year he took his first WFR course in Japan, he encountered a huge avalanche incident and was involved in the companion rescue as a first responder. After this incident he realized the practicality and proficiency of WMA curriculum and strongly believes that all Japanese outdoor enthusiasts can benefit from it. Since then, he has sponsored a couple of WMA courses, and now, he is working for WMA Japan as a marketing manager and assistant instructor. Japan is one of the countries most affected by natural disasters. Tatsuya understands that by spreading wilderness medicine knowledge and skills, WMA can make Japan stronger standing against disasters. In his spare time, Tatsuya loves to immerse himself in nature and enjoys outdoor sports such as shower climbing, kayaking and backcountry skiing.