Thomas Prang

Thomas Prang


WA, United States




With a passion for natural and cultural history, Tom pursued degrees in archeology, science, and environmental education. As an avowed generalist, he has done seasonal and contract work across North America with a focus upon public lands in the West, from the Arctic to Arizona. His eclectic experience includes years of work as a field archeologist, naturalist, guide, back-country ranger, subsistence hunter/gatherer, researcher, lapidarist, and educator in both formal and non-formal settings.

His medical path started with the US Forest Service as a wildland firefighter with CPR and first aid training. Later additions included structural firefighting, plus back and front-country EMS. He has been a lieutenant on a volunteer fire department in Alaska, and at various times has had WAFA, WFR, ETT, EMT, and HAZWOPER certifications.