“These WFR dreams are getting crazy!”

During a Wilderness First Responder course at the University of WI at LaCrosse, Ann Dunphy, one of WMA’s instructor’s, asked students about WFR dreams, as she does with all of her courses. Interestingly enough, one student, D. Crye, was willing to share his story, and thankfully for us, he also shared it with the WMA office. We just had to post it!

Did anyone leave a plastic bag in the refrigerator with a Leatherman Blast, smartwool socks and V8 Butternut Squash soup? Let me know!

Also, for those who want to hear a dream I had last night feel free to keep reading; I’ll make it short. I dreamt last night that I got to save a guy from drowning in a river after he drove into a frozen lake. It was crazy because we got him out of the water and carried him up a very steep bank. As we got him onto the street he starting throwing up gallon after gallon of water. It was a lot of water! The whole time we were trying to keep him stabilized because we were MOI spine of course. Well this guy didn’t want to stay still but we finally got him to stay laying down as we waited for the ambulance. But I was so excited that I was able to help rescue someone that I left my patient (not a good thing) to go tell Ann, who was down the road at some outdoor store purchasing a new first aid kit. I got there and started telling Ann how great it was and everything and then she was like “David, where is your patient now?” And I told her he was laying in the middle of the street by himself. So Ann said “Get back to your patient now!” So, I ran back. When I got back to my patient the ambulance had arrived and had him on a stretcher, but they also had two other people on stretchers too! I was freaking out because somehow there were 3 patients instead of just one! Furthermore, all of them were strapped down on there backs throwing up everywhere uncontrollably. I then sat down and started to realize all that I did wrong. First of all, I didn’t complete the first triangle to find out how many patients there were. Secondly, I didn’t complete a full SAMPLE history because I must have missed something because everyone was throwing up big time from something. And I shouldn’t have left my patient to go tell Ann what had happened. So, I learned some good lessons from my dream. These WFR dreams are getting crazy!