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Technical Rescue Riggers Guide, Rick Lipke


This guide is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for safe intelligent rope rescue. This is not an instructional manual but a quick reference guide for trained personnel.


This fourth edition of the Technical Rescue Riggers Guide shows extremely safe, modern techniques, in 228 pages with over 600 clear illustrations and photos, from basic knots and anchors, to highlines, helo rescues, and much more!

This fully updated edition incorporates the DCTTRS (Dual Capability Two Tension Rope System) pioneered by EMBC in Canada, which is rapidly becoming the standard in progressive rope work. It also incorporates many important updates in what is the most important reference guide for modern rescue in decades. It includes updated illustrations, as well as six new pages of information, such as proper application of skate blocks, use of Clutch devices, remote resets, etc. It also contains a completely updated and streamlined Command and Communication section that most closely aligns with EMBC training.

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