WFR OCE: PART 3 NOW AVAILABLE! Register via the link below

IMPORTANT: Our OCE courses offer a certification with an expiration date of six (6) months from the date you complete the OCE course. It’s best to attempt to locate an in-person recertification course first and only register for the OCE 30 days before your current certification is set to expire.

These options are only available to currently certified WMAI WFR/WEMT, WAFA, and WFA graduates whose certification will expire while conventional, open-enrollment recertification courses are reduced because of COVID-19. These courses are open at no charge. In the event you need to re-extend your WMA certification for an additional 6 months, we have designed a Part 2 of our WFA and WAFA OCE courses and Part 3 of our WFR OCE. Fill out the applicable registration form below.

Enrollment is easy. Follow the appropriate link that matches your current certification level and fill out the online registration form. Once we receive it and confirm your eligibility, we will send you an email with specific course participation login information.

This extension option will only be available until WMAI announces resumption of a sufficient number of conventional, open-enrollment recertification courses.


Click here to register for the Online WFR Certification Extension course (Part 1, 2, 3)


Click here to register for the Online WAFA Certification Extension course (Part 1 or 2)


Click here to register for the Online WFA Certification Extension course (Part 1 or 2)


WMA CANADA COURSE GRADUATES: WMA Canada has an Online Extension course specifically for graduates of WMA Canada WFR and WAFA courses needing certification extensions during the COVID-19 pandemic. For details, email , please include a copy of your current certification and if applicable the information about the course you were scheduled to attend.

As always, WMA Canada and US share the same curriculum and certifications with WMA affiliates worldwide.