Wilderness Advanced Life Support

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8/3/2018 - 8/7/2018


MD-$1200, Paramedic or RN-$1000, includes all boat transport between mainland and Hurricane Island, and all Food, Housing and WMA costs.


Hurricane Island, ME 04841 - United States

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Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership

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Phoebe Jekielek

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Training for physicians, residents, and other advanced care medical practitioners. This program provides effective education in the application of critical thinking and techniques for use in low resource settings.

The Wilderness Advanced Life Support (WALS) is WMA International’s most advanced level course. Our 36-hour course is run over 4 - 5 days.  It is open to certified or licensed advanced level medical practitioners involved in rescue, mass casualty, and remote outdoor environments or urban areas in disaster or crisis. This constantly-evolving course is highlighted by discussions of new and innovative ideas and the appropriate application of technologies. The learning environment is challenging, stimulating, and fun.


Transport to Hurricane is provided the DAY BEFORE the start of the program. Come learn on this beautiful Island 12 miles off the coast of Maine and experience the sunsets, wildlife, and tides of Island life!)


 Instructor NameLocationCertifications
Paul Marcolini Paul Marcolini



Evie Marcolini Evie Marcolini

Connecticut & Maine


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