Wilderness Medical Elective

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8/12/2019 - 8/23/2019




Bark Lake Conference and Leadership Centre
Haliburton, ON - Canada

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Remote Frontier Medical

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Mike Webster

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A medical school elective designed for medical students interested in learning about the management of patients in remote and low resource areas.

This elective offers medical students an opportunity to expand their practical and academic knowledge through an educational experience that stresses problem-based learning and education among their peers. Our core pedagogical components instill the best practices of medical school education by including didactic sessions, case study discussions, a variety of simulated patient encounters, practical skills labs, and evidenced-based medicine reviews. Particular emphasis is given to assessing patients, formulating problem lists, and carrying out student-planned treatments (including evacuations) in relatively low-tech environments. Our goal is to help our students actively investigate and articulate these best practices via a curriculum that is engaging, practical, and hands-on.

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 Instructor NameLocationCertifications
Mike Webster Mike Webster

Advanced Care Paramedic, Masters degree in Disaster Management


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This elective includes 3 days of off-site preparation, research, and study with 9 days programming in the field at a wilderness outdoor centre.