Eric T. Van Cise

Eric T. Van Cise






Eric began his EMS career in 1990 in the small native village of Hoonah in S.E. Alaska. At that time there were only 3 to 4 responders to cover whatever occurred on land or sea. There was no hospital or mutual aid-- just good old fashioned improvisation. It took many hours and sometimes days to get patients shipped out by boat or plane.

In 1993, WMA Instructor Mike Motti came to Hoonah and put on a WEMT Upgrade course. “For the first time there was a curriculum that made sense for the Hoonah environment”, Eric observed. At that point, “the WMA hook was set deep to the shank” for him.

In 1994 Eric moved to Sitka, Alaska and in 2000 took a course taught by WMA President, Dr. David Johnson. He volunteered with the Sitka Fire Department in EMS and was a flight medic with the air medevac service for 12 years.

Currently Eric works as a full time EMS instructor for SEARHC (Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium) in Sitka. Eric says, “WMA courses are the most favored of all the ones we teach. The skills and curriculum of WMA guides not only my patient care but also what I teach to my students; there simply is nothing better.”

Eric spends his time off with his wife, two boys and two dogs exploring and enjoying the local scenery and commercial fishing on their salmon troller F/V New Hope.