Thank you for considering hosting a Wilderness Medical Associates International course. Together we will work with you to provide the highest quality wilderness medical training in the industry.

Wilderness Medical Associates International has transitioned to operating solely through our Licensed Training Companies. These are independent companies, all owned by some of our excellent instructors, licensed to teach WMA curriculum.  Although each has a home location, many are happy to travel to other parts of their home country or region to offer WMA certified courses.

Any organization can host a Wilderness Medical Associates International training. Course hosts range from local clubs, government non-profit agencies, and private companies. Hosting a course offers a valuable opportunity to provide high-level, specialized training to a group of staff or to known members of your professional or recreational community.

  1. Review our course types for more information about the courses we offer and what might fit your needs.
  2. Once you think you know which course type you’d like to host, please check out our schedule page, filter by course type and review the student cost range for that course type.
  3. Fill out the form below someone will be in touch to discuss the next steps!

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