Consulting services are offered though Wilderness Medical Associates International and its consulting affiliates for industry and organizations deploying operators to remote settings. We are able to provide strategic and innovative analysis and solutions of your health and safety needs where medical resources might be limited.

Our consulting affiliates include:

Working with our affiliates we are able to provide the following consulting services internationally:

  • Development of medical screening tools to assess and manage staff and participants health needs during work or recreation.
  • Providing site analysis of your remote workplace to improve health and medical care.
  • Information on the health capacities of countries or regions around the world.
  • Strategies for repatriation and evacuation from remote and inaccessible environments both domestically and internationally.
  • Disaster simulation design and implementation (disasters are in most cases are low resource medical settings)
  • Medical preparedness for offshore excursions, land expeditions, and ship infirmaries.
  • Preparing remote research and military bases for medical emergencies.
  • Legal review of injuries and medical incidents in remote locales.

As well, medical professionals including paramedics, nurses, physicians assistants, and physicians with extensive remote operator experience are available for deployment to provide medical care for your initiative or project. They can be sub-contracted through Wilderness Medical Associates International and deployed anywhere in the world.

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