Partnering with organizations in an array of industries, Wilderness Medical Associates International provides the highest quality medical training to those who work or play in remote areas. Our teaching methods and treatment principles give students the skills and confidence to respond to emergency medical situations.

Our cutting-edge curriculum, exceptional instructors, and a conceptual approach to training is the most sought-after in our industry.

Why Wilderness Medical Associates International?

  • Curriculum. Based on nearly three decades of oversight and continual review by a faculty committee of medical practitioners, our curriculum is established, proven and is based on conceptual learning and critical thinking.
  • Instructors are medical professionals who are in the field doing what they teach. They are required to complete rigorous training and bring an unprecedented amount of experience to the courses they teach.
  • Courses devote significant time to practical sessions and realistic rescue simulations that prepare students for the stress of actual emergency situations in the field.
  • Recognition. Teaching over 8,000 students annually, and having been teaching Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness EMS courses since the 1980’s, we are the “standard by which all other wilderness medical providers are judged.”

We provide more than skills and knowledge. We also provide the confidence and competence to use them in the field.

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