Anissa Vasquez

Anissa began her career in the outdoors while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education & Recreation from Central Michigan University. She spent time working in Yosemite National Park and Custer State Park in South Dakota. The majority of her outdoor experience comes from a wilderness therapy program in Utah guiding “at-risk” adolescents. Her passion for emergency medicine has only continued to grow since she took her first WFR class in 2018. After her WFR class, she moved forward to get her NREMT where she spent time on an ambulance in Michigan. Currently, Anissa lives and works in Salt Lake City as an EMT in the University of Utah’s emergency room. She is also moving forward to obtain another Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.
In her free time, Anissa most enjoys spending time in Southern Utah in the red rock country. She most enjoys desert terrain and specifically canyoneering. Anissa also enjoys floating down the Colorado river as often as she can! While in the desert, she is always searching for the nearest swimming hole or petroglyphs/pictographs. She feels really drawn to the spirit of the desert and the culture and history that is present there. When she isn’t in the desert, she enjoys spending time at concerts, writing/reading poetry, climbing, running, and spending time with friends.
Anissa is extremely passionate about emergency medicine and wilderness medicine and wants to help people feel confident, passionate, and well-trained in their abilities!

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