Carl Blondell


Maine, United States



Carl is a paramedic having worked or is working in Northwestern Maine and Iraq while living in Rangeley, Maine. Carl took his WMA Instructor course in 2008 and has been teaching since then, mostly east coast, upper mid-west, Finland x2 and Bali. Carl has worked for various back-country rescue teams has been a member/leader for a bike medical team. Carl has his Maine Guide Recreational license and helps people enjoy the back-country experience. He has been in and out of EMS since 1973, finally deciding on a permanent EMS career in 1994. He has been a raft guide in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, and Maine. Carl has been a Ski Patroller (NSP-Certified, PSPA) since 1980. He likes to travel, ski, hike, canoe, and bike when not working EMS. He has traveled to 38 countries exploring the great outdoors. Carl’s passion is skiing – having skied numerous ski areas (134 last count) in 19 countries (4 of the 7 continents). Carl has participated in the 9 EMS Memorial Bike Rides (450-500 miles – Boston to VA) since 2007. Carl has traveled to Nicaragua several times to help support an orthopedic surgical team.

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