Eric Nies


New York, United States



Eric Nies started kayaking and guiding on whitewater in the 1970’s, and has since logged thousands of river days guiding on and exploring hard whitewater all over the US, as well as in India, Nepal, New Zealand, Chile, and Costa Rica. He was one of the early explorers on the Green River Narrows in North Carolina, as evinced by the rapid that bears his name. He is a nationally recognized expert in whitewater safety and rescue.
These days, Eric lives in New Paltz, NY, working as an ER doc in the Hudson Valley. He did medical relief work in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and in Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami. On days off, Eric enjoys off-trail backpacking, road-biking, and climbing if someone else leads. He continues to believe he can kayak Class V.

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