Ginette Traversy


Quebec, Canada


WALS, EMT-I, Firefighter

Ginette’s passion for the outdoors led her to travel all over Canada and internationally. Working in remote locations taught her a great deal about how people manage to get themselves into trouble. It is what also led her to establish a small mission out of Nepal where she plans classes in small communities to teach them basic first aid. She is an active member of a search and rescue team, a remote 911 rescue team, a rescue diving mission, and is very involved with a research study on hypothermia. For more than 15 years she worked in Alberta as a guide, bear safety prevention team volunteer, and as a paramedic with ski patrol and children’s camps.  She prides herself on being an eternal student and never stops wanting to learn new things! She will be the first one to try new adventures but she will tell you with great passion the things that she does not do: bowling, golf, and bingo!!! PS; Don’t forget to tease her about her French accent…

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