Gunnar Agnar Vilhjalmsson





Gunnar is from Iceland, the land of snow and ice. He lives in Akureyri in the northern part of the island where he works as a full time firefighter/W-EMT-I. Gunnar has been a member in a volunteer rescue teams since 1995 and since 2003 he has been a lead instructor in the ICE-SAR school in mountaineering and mountain rescue. In the summer time he enjoys climbing and hiking and in the winter time mountaineering and skiing. Gunnar did his WFR class in 2001 in Iceland and followed up with a full W-EMT in 2002. Being a 2007 graduate of the WMA instructor class and teaching for WMA is extremely high on the fun scale. The photo is taken at Skeidararjokull, a part of Europe’s biggest glacier. In a four-day hiking trip during the summer of 2004.

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