Jared Miller


Ontario, Canada

Jared grew up paddling and canoeing on Canadian Shield lakes and rivers, going on long portaging trips and spending most summer nights sleeping in a tent. He began a first career in ecology and wildlife biology, working in the non-profit and government sectors in species at risk monitoring and remediating streams and waterways impacted by development. From there, the love of the outdoors and a second education led to geophysical surveying. Working internationally in remote and austere locales, Jared became an expert in logistics and operations in these environments. Jared supported many clients including geothermal energy, governments of developing nations, stabilization efforts in fragile states, ERW removal in previous conflict zones, healthcare and epidemic responses by the WHO and mineral resources exploration. Recently, he has transitioned to an advisor to the exploration industry, working to advise on health, safety, environmental and operational risks. Jared also has a position as an aviation advisor, helping the exploration and aviation industries partner to manage safety risks. Jared lives full time in Thunder Bay, where he spends his free time trail running, cross country skiing, climbing rock and ice and developing new climbing routes. He is deeply passionate about Wilderness Medicine, long holding certifications and is a member of the Canadian Association of Wilderness Medicine.

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