Megan Lapierre


New York, United States



Hello! My name is Megan, I am a mother of two amazing children and two German Shepherds who love adventuring with me in our surrounding lakes, river and mountains of the Adirondacks. My husband and I enjoy sharing time in more tropical locations and Scuba diving together. In my spare time I am a hunter, competitive swimmer and cello player for the Community String Orchestra of the Adirondacks.

I am also a Lieutenant with the NYS Forest Rangers (since 2007) in the Adirondacks which has given me extensive experience with search and rescue, wildfire management (in-state and out-of-state fire crews), law enforcement and public education. I have been teaching for WMA since 2010 and have become very passionate about preparing my students to handle any situation. The relationship that I am able to build through WMA with those that recreate in the Adirondacks and elsewhere is incredibly rewarding as it comes full circle and we are able to improve and/or save lives together. I have even had the pleasure of working along side my WFR students on rescues in the High Peaks while I was responding as a Forest Ranger!

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