Mike Webster


Ontario, Canada


Advanced Care Paramedic, Masters degree in Disaster Management

Mike’s background includes a mixture of management, curriculum development, first response and research, all related to medical and patient care in unconventional settings. He is the past Canadian director of Wilderness Medical Associates International and is recognized in Canada as a major influence in the development of wilderness medicine training for both medical professionals and laypersons. As a researcher and consultant, he has been involved with research on the epidemiological link of first aid training for international disaster relief and humanitarian workers. He has over 15 years of rural and urban experience as a paramedic and a background as an expedition medic and rescue tech in international settings, including 8 seasons in Antarctica. He also works as the Canadian clinical director and medical coordinator for a variety of mass gathering medical events, including the race Tough Mudder and as a medical incident commander for largest music festival in Canada with over 70,000 attendees.  He has been a major contributor in the development of many WMA programs, including the wilderness medical elective, travel medicine first aid, wilderness first aid for field services, and the Battlefield Medical Response.

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