Pieter Maes


Brussels, Belgium


EMT - Firefighter

Pieter discovered WMA while preparing for a stay with the North Carolina Outward Bound school in 1996. 

Since then first aid has gotten to him and it stayed an important part of his life. 

In 1998 he started as an EMT volunteer on a Red Cross ambulance and in 2000 he started as a professional firefighter – EMT. Currently he is stationed with the Brussels Fire Department. With a degree in teaching he is passionate about delivering different types of training programs to firefighters and the broader public. Besides first aid he is actively involved in delivering fire ground survival and live fire training programs to firefighters.

Very often you will spot him carrying his camera and taking pictures in all kinds of situations. In the outdoors he loves to go skiing and sailing with his family. Hiking, mountaineering, bike trips,… are some of the things that are on the list as optional activities if time allows. 

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