Thora Jonasdottir





Thora is a full time working veterinarian for over 30 years, where of 20 years in Norway at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Medicine in Oslo, specialising in companion animals, oncology and first line emergency. Eventually she returned to Iceland and now works for the Icelandic veterinary authority. Thora is certified EMT-B, and is now half way through the EMT-A training, working part time on an ambulance. Thora is also certified tourist guide (hiking guide) and loves showing tourists around in the Icelandic highland and glaciers in her spare time.
Thora is a member of the voluntary Icelandic search and rescue team- ICE-SAR. She is an instructor in first aid, mountain rescue, avalanches, search techniques and search-dog terrestrial and avalanche training. She has 3 search and rescue dogs (avalanche, terrestrial and man trailing), wherof one is retired though, being almost 16 year old. Call-outs and training with the ICE-SAR fills up quite a lot of her free time, along with precious time with her children, family and friends and riding some of her probably too many Icelandic horses.

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