Licensed Training Company: Wilderness Medical Associates International

Location: Portland, ME 04101 - United States

Dates: 12/7/2021 - 12/11/2021

Course Description:

The Hybrid WFR is the newest in our line-up of course offerings and includes an
e-learning module and an in- person module. The e-learning module requires
30+ hours of online, computer-based learning that must be completed prior to
participating in 40+ hours of in-person learning over the course of five (5) days.
The Hybrid WFR is suited for those new to wilderness medicine as well as those
with some previous medical experience. The online learning modules are
designed with multiple learning preferences in mind. Interactive videos, readings,
self-practice assignments, quizzes, and case studies prepare students to apply
the curriculum during in-person drills and scenarios. Students are expected to
have a working knowledge of computers and access to high-speed Internet.
Please review the minimum technology requirements for the hybrid WFR here
before registering for the course. Students must register four to two weeks before
the in-person course date to receive access to and adequately complete the
required online course work. If your schedule permits, allowing 6 weeks for the elearning module is considered ideal. Students are encouraged to register and
begin online course work in advance of the required deadlines. All students must
complete the online learning module in order to attend the in-person sessions.


Students in the 5-day and Hybrid WFR courses must be at least 18 years old to
participate. Certain course sponsors may set a higher minimum age or establish
other requirements consistent with their program. No previous medical training is

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