Travel Medicine First Aid

Minimum Duration
16 Hours
Minimum Age
Minimum Cost
Skill Level

This custom wilderness first aid course was developed with Habitat for Humanity for groups traveling abroad. This course focuses primarily on individuals involved in community service, missionary programs, or college study abroad programs. Emphasis is placed on preparation, common injuries and illnesses, risk reduction, and hazard identification.


Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in this course.

Prior to enrolling, please review our Functional Position Description. The criteria in this document allows students to self-assess their ability to meet the demands of a WMA International course as well as the demands of a certified wilderness medical provider in the field.


This course is pass/fail. 100% attendance is mandatory. Evaluation is based on practical patient simulations, hands-on activities, and a written test. WMA International is committed to making reasonable accommodation for any student with special needs.


Certifications are valid for three years. Graduates of this course should repeat this course, take another WFA course, or consider upgrading to the Wilderness Advanced First Aid or Wilderness First Responder.

Course Topics

This course covers the scope of a Wilderness First Aid course with emphasis on:

  • Students will understand the benefits and limitations of CPR and AED use in urban, rural, and remote environments.
  • Discussion and simulations will debunk myths and address disease pathways and vectors related to tropical and infectious disease.
  • Students will practice lifting, moving, and extrication in confined spaces, vehicles, and will address concerns if extricating from collapsed structures.
  • Splinting instruction will focus on concepts and comfort of stabilization. Attention will be given to appropriate splinting materials most likely available to the group. 
  • Students will become familiar with the patient SOAP note format as well as communication of patient assessments to rescue or repatriation authorities.
  • We will address international medical/legal considerations when administering  first aid.
Certifications & Continuing Education


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