Gavin Dawson

Gavin Dawson


CO, United States




Gavin is a Physician Assistant and seasoned WEMT with a passion for education, medicine, and the outdoors. He has spent over a decade working in a variety of medical settings around the world, including Thailand, Laos, India, and the Dominican Republic. When he is not on the road teaching, Gavin works in Emergency Medicine, and Psychiatry, including as a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy provider.

As a lead instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates, Gavin travels the world teaching wilderness medicine courses to people of all ages and skill levels. He is also the founder of Global Emergency Medics, a WMAI Licensed Training Company, and the non profit arm that provides wilderness medicine training courses to underserved communities worldwide. Whether exploring new lands with his skis and climbing gear or teaching others how to stay safe in the wilderness, Gavin is dedicated to combining his love of adventure, education, and medicine to make a difference in the world.